12 September 2018, Basel, Switzerland – The International Women in Science is pleased to announce its first ever unveiling at the BaselLife2018 Conference.

The event due to be held from the 11th – 14th September combines sciences and technology and aims to bridge not only basic science and translational science but also science and business.

In the search for ground breaking innovation, on 13th September the International Women In Science will bring together keynote speakers from across the industry in order to encourage and empower FeMale collaboration to fuel inspired and cutting-edge research.

According to Stefan Platz, Head of Drug Safety and Metabolism at Astra Zeneca, “It is exciting to see the new forum ‘Women in Science’ on the program with stellar speakers lined to tackle some of the issues women are facing in the science industry. We can achieve great things collectively, by being authentic and allowing diversity of thought to shine through.”
The event will be held for one day only and will cover a range of exciting topics from women as female science role models and the creation of an environment for innovation through to female entrepreneurship.

The event is part of the innovation forum and will be held in Shanghai 2, Congress Center Basel, Switzerland. Be part of the change.
About International Women In Science.

iWiS strive to encourage and empower women to take a leading role in science to drive innovation. We believe that in order to enhance future scientific focus and significant breakthroughs we need to foster a shift in the culture of science, as diversity and inclusion becomes more important than ever in the search for groundbreaking innovation. The iWiS network wants to inspire women and men to collaborate and develop solutions that advance women in STEM to bring innovation and systemic change.

By organizing forums, we want to portray women who are an integral part of the innovative force across the scientific spectrum. Diversity in the workforce contributes to creativity, productivity, and innovation as organizations function more effectively with diversity of thought. Everyone’s experiences should inform and guide the direction of science and technical progression.