Dear iWiS community,

Happy new year 2021 to you! I am Gabriele Matthias and I am one of the Co-Founders of iWiS. I wanted to share my personal dream journey, so you can understand why we at iWiS feel it is important to invest in yourself – especially during this time.

Reflecting on 2020, I surely look back on a whole new set of experiences, positive ones as well as more challenging ones. Connection and freedom had been key topics for me throughout the past year.

One of the bigger take-aways was certainly the realization that while I was not able to have the freedom to “go outside” in the widest sense, I was able to “go inside” and connect with myself on an even deeper level. In doing so, I gained a very profound quality of freedom, stayed serene, energetic and was able to be a source for those in need.

As I was exploring new approaches to support me in being well and able to best balance all obligations in work and life amidst this global health crisis, one of my best 2020 discoveries were the psychological aspects of sleep and dreaming.

This came to me by way of the online course “Dreamwork: Personal transformation While You Sleep” taught by Cordell Jacks, a very well-known and recognized expert in dream work and dream psychology.

Attending this course has left me profoundly impressed as I was able to take many of the learnings about Dream Work into my waking life, such as crafting a sleep ritual for good sleep, dream journaling, dream recalling, and intentional dreaming. By applying the different tools and techniques taught by Cordell, I was also able to become aware of “hidden” yet important emotions which had otherwise been overlooked during a life’s busy day.

Consciously looking at a set of repeated dreams I was able to uncover their underlying deeper connection to one particular question in my daily life. This helped me to develop new ideas and approach the question from a different angle which I had previously not thought about. The results were nothing less than transformative and these dreams ceased to return altogether.

For us “Women in Science” being able to use our sleep and dreams for support to expand our lives, unlock new opportunities to flourish, enhance our creativity, gain better clarity on our goals, and become more empowered, is certainly an amazing tool to have.

As we all prepare for the promising days of 2021, the iWiS team has been working on a number of initiatives to uplift, inspire and get us all into great shape.

Today we are more than excited to share with you that Cordell Jacks will offer a 4-week workshop “Sleep, Dream, and the Power of Your Subconscious Mind” in February 2021, exclusively for the members of our iWiS community.

 Please find the detailed information on the workshop content and registration details Here!

If you’d like to educate yourself more about the science of this topic, you will find high quality, peer-reviewed scientific research articles in the open access E-Journal “International Journal of Dream Research” (


We cannot wait to see you in the workshop!​ REGISTER NOW


Warm wishes

Gabriele Matthias

Co-Founder iWiS