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6th November 2019
Der Teufelhof, Leonhardsgraben 47-49, 4051 CH
Basel, Switzerland

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international Women in Science and Women in Digital Healthcare invite you to attend an epic event!

Big Data is reinventing how we address global healthcare challenges. Good quality healthcare data, and lots of it, can power groundbreaking medical innovation. Data informs strategic healthcare policies, and can potentially, when used in collaboration with Artifi cial Intelligence technology, minimize global health risks through improved prediction. Factors such as rampant bad data as well as public distrust in data privacy and digital healthcare solutions, continue to present significant challenges.


27th April
Berlin, Germany

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EuroSTEMPeers enables STEM graduates to access the global network for mentoring, empowerment, growth and support in their professional careers.

EuroSTEMPeers is the European chapter of a 13,000+ member strong global STEM network which aims to bring early stage STEM researchers together to seek collaborations, and help them transition to a variety of industrial, academic or entrerpreneurial roles.


8-9 June 2019

Zurich, Switzerland

In 2019, the International Forum on Women’s Brain and Mental Health will focus on the theme “The Gateway to Precision Medicine” and take place on 8-9 June in Zurich, Switzerland.

After a highly successful 1st Forum on Women’s Brain and Mental Health in December 2017, WBP is continuing their tradition and organizing yet another event that will be more than just a conventional scientific meeting.

The Forum will bring together experts from myriad scientific disciplines, and fields of practice as diverse as technology and policy-making. Researchers, caregivers, and patients will also be center stage in discussions on the influence of sex and gender in brain and mental health research.

9th Septhember 2019
FHNW Campus Muttenz, Switzerland


DayOne Basel: Annual Conference – Register now

Join us at the 2019 DayOne Annual Conference meeting.

As technology continues to develop at a great pace, the DayOne Conference will seek answers to crucial questions: Is the industry ready for the future? Can we deliver on the promise of digital transformation? Do we have the right mindset? Additionally, what fundamental changes need to be considered concerning society, future skills, ethics and business models enabling the next big step?

The 2019 edition of the DayOne Conference aims to tap into the basic contradiction which stands at the very heart of every innovation: How can we create a better world and provide the needed return on investment? We will take a closer look at the ethical and economic principles that will have to guide us if we want to drive a future where emerging technologies will change health as we know it forever.


28th January 2019
Lausanne, Switzerland

Women in AI Talk

Join iWiS at the Women in AI (wAI)


Be inspired from an exceptional speaker line-up from industry and academia, and take the opportunity to network with experts. They will share their unique stories and insights on the future of digital assistants and AI impacts on business and everyday life!


Bejal Joshi


7th Nov 2018
Lisbon, Portugal

Women in Tech Awards

Join iWiS at the Women in Tech Awards in Lisbon Portugal!

It’s time to bridge the gender gap in the technology industry by celebrating the people who innovate, inspire, and transform the sector as we know it.

Our Women in Tech Awards ceremony will reward incredible figures in a range of 15 categories. We’ll be looking at experts from around the world who are at the head of companies, entrepreneurs, and most outstanding in their domain. Let’s celebrate together!

Bejal Joshi


14th Nov 2018
Zurich, Switzerland

Women in Digital Health: Personal data and how to get control over it

Partner event: Join us in Zurich to learn more about the importance of data privacy and the role of GDPR in Switzerland.

4 – 6 Jul 2019
Basel, Switzerland

Global Summit for Women: 2019 Summit

Partner event: Join over 1,000 leaders in business and government from around the world at the premier business and economic forum for women for 29 years taking place in July in the world-renowned financial hub of Switzerland.