Day 2 – 13 Oct 21, Healthcare / Be Bold, Be Seen, Be Heard


Bejal Joshi


Dr. Indra Joshi

Director of AI – NHSX

Dr Indra Joshi is the Director of the NHS AI Lab, a £250m investment enabling the development and deployment of ethical and effective AI-driven technologies into the UK health and care system.

Indra has a unique portfolio with experience stretching across policy, national project strategy and implementation; whilst remaining true to her professional training as an emergency medic.   

She is a Founding Member of One HealthTech – a network which campaigns for the need and importance of better inclusion of all backgrounds, skillsets and disciplines in health technology. Alongside she is an associate editor for BMJ Leader, a member of the WHO digital health expert group, a consultant on digital health, and most importantly a mum to two wonderful little munchkins.


Dr. Michelle Keller

Senior Manager of Scientific Business Development at Deep Longevity

Miсhelle Keller is heading a team of scientific business developers at Deep Longevity, an artificial intelligence (AI) company developing and utilizing deep learning systems for aging and longevity research and a pioneer in deep biomarkers of aging. As a young aspiring scientist in the field of bioinformatics, Michelle was always fascinated by the idea of increasing human lifespan beyond limits. She started her career as a research scientist at

Insilico Medicine, a leader in the field of next-generation AI solutions for drug discovery and development. In 2020, when Insilico announced Deep Longevity as a spin-off focusing on longevity extension, Michelle chose to focus on biomarkers of aging and joined the newly-founded company as a research scientist. At Deep Longevity she invented and implemented several critical applications of AI-based biomarkers of aging in clinical practice and developed the research and commercial relationships with the leading longevity clinics including Human Longevity, Inc, Hooke London, Epigenetic House, Life Clinic Hong Kong, Boulder Longevity, and many others. Deep Longevity operates as a flat organization with matrix leadership and Michelle Keller helped build a new branch of the company—scientific business development. As the manager of scientific business development she works with the clinics and insurance companies to conduct cutting-edge research to develop an integrated longevity ecosystem —make life insurance companies and clinics work together to increase customer longevity. Michelle works with her team to find new reliable ways to translate scientific theory into real-world practice. Every project and product under Michelle’s supervision is yet another step towards implementing LaaS (Longevity as a Service) solutions.




Sally M Solaymantash

Technology Visionary / Speaker / WEF WIE

My passion for software technology was ignited at age nine and has been a key driver of my career. My passion led me to explore all aspects of the software, in many different industries across the globe. I am committed
to merging my software knowledge with a deep understanding of the business to achieve ideal solutions for my clients.

I bring no less as a speaker – using my deep belief in equality, mentoring, collaboration, quality and planning in everything I do. As a leader, speaker and technology specialist, I challenge the status quo and bring breadth of my expertise to every conversation. Now I am gearing up to turn the technology world on its head, by bringing software out of the shadows and into the limelight; with SAM (SmarterApproach® Methodology). This is no evolution; get ready for a Revolution.

Public speaking engagements including WIE (World Innovation Economics) Forum in Davos 2019 & 2020.


Dr. Egle Thomas

CEO Stratergix GmbH


Business and executive coach and trainer, driving innovation, entrepreneurial thinking and digital transformation in healthcare and beyond with corporates, start-ups and investors. Leveraging newest entrepreneurial methodologies, frameworks and tools to design and implement corporate and accelerator trainings and programs focused on design thinking and entrepreneurial mindset, including co-creation with key stakeholders to efficiently drive value creation and corporate innovation. An Innosuisse accredited initial, core and scale-up coach (1 out of 12 in Switzerland), as well as coach at key European accelerators and initiatives (including a coach/mentor to a number of winning teams at 9 European and US hackathons through the COVID crisis).

Corporate and accelerator trainer, designing and implementing boot camps, design sprints and workshops on entrepreneurial mindset and skills. Excellent track record of delivering on challenging programs in large, medium and small companies. Effective team builder, communicator & leader of complex cross-functional organizations. Works globally with executives and investment groups (VC, PE, family offices/angels) on
opportunity evaluation, business and corporate strategy, M&As, company analysis and valuation, deal structuring, collaborations, partnerships, licensing, due diligence, fund raising, equity / grant financing, building boards and executive teams.




Jo Browning

CEO/Founder/Author Scientifically Speaking

Jo Browning is a specialist in verbal communication skills, and helps scientists and physicians to speak with impact and authority. She’s passionate about conveying the value that science and medicine bring to the world, whether by bringing life to data, raising awareness of rare diseases, illustrating the potential of new technologies, or driving best practice in patient care. Her purpose is to elevate the communication of science and medicine to positively impact society.

Jo is the CEO and Founder of Scientifically, a training company that supports doctors and scientists to communicate science. In all, she’s had 25 years of experience helping scientists and physicians to improve their content, competence, and confidence, so that they can influence the audiences they want to reach.

Today, she coaches scientific and medical professionals to become influential speakers and presenters. Her knowledge of media training, including presenting in-person and on camera, is in demand across all scientific sectors. Overall, she’s trained more than 10,000 people across 43 countries and four continents. Her book, “Scientifically Speaking: How to speak about your research with confidence and clarity”, is an Amazon bestseller.
Jo began her career at BAFTA and Emmy award-winning Insight News Television, where she trained as a journalist. She then moved into public relations, and held senior positions at GSK and also major international communications agencies in London and Australia. Her English degree from Oxford University, her Diploma in Public Relations, and her Post Graduate Diploma in ‘Science and Society’, all underpin her work. She has held the position of Senior Lecturer at the University of Rhine Waal in Germany. Today, she coaches scientific and medical professionals to become influential speakers and presenters. Her knowledge of media training, including presenting in-person and on camera, is in demand across all scientific sectors. Overall, she’s trained more than 10,000 people across 43 countries and four continents. Her book, “Scientifically Speaking: How to speak about your research with confidence and clarity”, is an Amazon bestseller.


Dr. Katie Perry

Chief Executive Daphne Jackson Trust

Katie became Chief Executive of the Daphne Jackson Trust in 2011, having previously been Trust Manager. She has a background in science communication, including roles with the Institute of Physics. She holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Surrey, where she worked directly with Professor Daphne Jackson.


Dr. Maria Ribera-Vincent

Daphne Jackson Fellow

Originally from Valencia, Spain, I completed a BSc degree in Aerospace Engineering from St Louis University in Missouri (USA). After that I proceeded to the University of Maryland (USA) where I obtained both a MSc and a PhD, also in Aerospace Engineering. During this time I specialised in helicopter aeromechanics and simulation, and obtained among other recognitions an Amelia Earhart Fellowship.

Wishing to be closer to family, I returned to Europe and settled in the UK with my then husband. I spent the next five years working as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Southampton in optimisation applied to turbomachinery. During this time, my first child was born, after which I returned part time. When I became pregnant again, I decided to end this employment due to the long commute and the complications of childcare.

Then followed a career break of three years, in which I sought employment, but found it very difficult to find opportunities close to home and part time.
I was fortunate to discover the Daphne Jackson Fellowship, which supports researchers on career breaks return to active research. I secured the Fellowship, which took place at the Surrey Space Centre, of the University of Surrey in Guildford. During this time I worked on optimisation applied to spacecraft structures and got training in various aspects, including Learning and Teaching. Thanks to this, after completing the two year Fellowship, I started working as a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Aeronautics of Imperial College London.


Discussion and continued networking


Thi Hien Nguyen

 Futurist | Social Impact Entrepreneur | CEO and Founder SpaceConneX

Thi Hien Nguyen is a German-based, Futurist, Philanthropist, and Social Impact Entrepreneur who is best known as “Ninja” for her energetic drive and passion for space, longevity, exponential technologies, and innovation.

Her curiosity ranges from expanding the mind and exploring the universe to creating your own reality. Borne in Laos, resident in Germany, Hien is a space traveller who has lived in over 7 countries and now spends time traveling and consults through worldwide meetings, workshops, and conferences on transformational change. A consultant on topics of transformational change – from digital disruption to business remodeling to specific scenarios across public and private sectors, Hien is a an inspirer and influencer of the future of humanity on and off earth.

She is the Founder and Executive Director at SpaceConneX (SpcX) with a mission to connect, collaborate, and catalyze ideas, actions, people, and projects that lead to the opening of the space frontier. Since 2009, she has been the CEO and Founder of Hi Performance where she works as a functional medicine practitioner and high performance coach. Her goals are solving humanities greatest challenges by developing all the science, systems, tools, technologies, methods, and knowledge needed to build self-sustaining and prosperous human communities beyond the Earth – even as we apply those tools and knowledge to protect Earth.